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• I will help myself by saving money, reducing debt, and building wealth over time.
• I will help my family and my country by encouraging other Americans to “Build Wealth, Not Debt.”

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    • Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC)
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  • Cautionary Notes
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Tools You Can Use: Lessons, MS Excel Spreadsheets and Worksheets for your use

1. Net Worth Statement: Your actual score card. “It’s not the money you make; it’s the money you get to keep!” Ric Edelman.So what are you keeping? Keep track with your Net Worth Statement. Excel File    PDF File

2. Yearly Spending Plan: Calculate your non-routine expenses for the year and beyond.  Figure out what you need to do for “savings to spend.”  Excel File    PDF File

3. Debt Management List: figure out who you owe, how much you owe, what you pay per month and the annual percentage rate of the loan. This information helps you with your PowerPayments (see  Excel File    PDF File

4a. Integrated Monthly Spending Plan or Budget: Create your Money Allocation Plan, your $ MAP.  Excel File    PDF File
4b. Bi-weekly Money Allocation Plan, $ Map or Budget: These worksheets are for employees who are paid every two weeks.    Excel File     PDF File

5. Savings to Spend: the Missing Piece of your Budget Puzzle. This file is for you to open, read and follow to learn about the 4 above.  PDF File

6. Personal Financial Management (PFM) in a Transition: Here are some worksheets for you to use so as to plan your use of time and money in a transition.
-Transition budget planning (Excel File)
-Transition budget planning (PDF File)
-Transition financial planning (Excel File)
-Transition financial planning (PDF File)

7. How Far Will Your Money Go?:  Here are some worksheets for you to use to calculate how far your money will go.  It works like a check register – as you estimate what essential items will cost, you can see the balance remaining.  These worksheets support a “Life Boat Drill.”  Just like on the ship Titanic, not everyone makes it into the life boats.  Decide and calculate what you can pay for – and what you cannot pay for, plus your next steps and who to contact.
-The “countdown” work sheet (Excel File)
-The “countdown” work sheet (PDF File)

Personal Finances in a Transition:

Support for Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP) Workshop

Section 1:  Introductions, Administration and Cautionary Notes

-Powerpoint Slides
-Finance Workshop Participants Guide

Section 2: Underlying Money Concepts – Laying a $ Foundation

-Powerpoint Slides

Section 3: Job Search Objective Elements and Tying in your Personal Financial Objectives

-Powerpoint Slides(Job search objective and PFM in a transition)
-Powerpoint Slides(Evaluate cost of living DoD TAP Mod)

Section 4: Tools of an Integrated, Transition Budget Over Time

-Powerpoint Slides(Integrated transition budget)
-Powerpoint Slides(Developing your spending plan, DoD TAP Mod)
-Financial Planning Worksheet, DoD TAP
-Integrated Spending Plan
-Annual Expenses Spending Plan(Money future)
-Creditor Debt List(Money past)
-Budget Balance Remaining Worksheet Template
-Net Worth Statement

Section 5: 12 Month Financial Planning

-Powerpoint Slides
-Financial  Planning Worksheet Checklist DoD TAP
-Transition Budget Planning Worksheet
-Transition Financial Planning Worksheet: Carry Yourself

Section 6: Decision Information to Making Insurance Decisions, Including Long Term Care (LTC), Life, Annuities, Property and Liability

– Powerpoint Slides
-SBP & Alternatives MOAA Article

Section 7: Decision Information Regarding Credit Reports and Improving your Credit Scores

-Powerpoint Slides(Credit reports and Scores)
-Powerpoint Slides(Analyze your credit report and score DoD TAP 1_2)

Section 8: Tax Planning Tools

-Powerpoint Slides(Tax planning tools)
-Powerpoint Slides(Understand how taxes change DoD TAP Mod 1_6)

Section 9: Resources for Fixing Money Problems

-Powerpoint Slides
-Sources of Help for Military Consumers, DoD TAP
SM & Vet Financial Empowerment Resource List Consumer Action DoD TAP
-Financial Empowerment Resources on the Web Consumer Action DoD TAP

Section 10: Tools for Estimating Salary Requirements

Powerpoint Slides(Estimating salary requirements)
-Powerpoint Slides(Salary & total comp pkg DoD TAP Mod 1_3)
-Powerpoint Slides(Employers benefits during job search DoD TAP Mod 1_4)
-Compensation Comparison Handout DoD TAP
-Compensation Package Estimation Tool

Section 11: Wrap-up and Final Questions

-Powerpoint Slides
-Action Plan Template

Counseling/Training, whether individual or group,can be arranged on the following topics

Wealth Accumulation Estate Planning
Debt Management/Liquidation Retirement Planning
Tax Planning Consumer Affairs

Financial Readiness for Specific Life Events: college, home ownership, deployment, transition, …

Call Financial Readiness Program (309) 782-0815

Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs Complaint Procedures for Army Community Service (ACS) at Rock Island Arsenal (RIA)

Consumer Complaints and Assistance.  ACS RIA can assist you officially register consumer complaints.  While the main office for consumer complaint services is the garrison Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) [(309) 782-1443, ACS can assist you fill out the DA form 5184, Consumer Complaint.  Do you need help explaining your situation and desired results?  Do you desire further information on contacting the Better Business Bureau or the States’ Attorney Generals’ offices?  ACS can help.

An Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) file of this Army complaint form can be downloaded here.

If any local establishments are to be placed off limits, that information could be posted at this web page, plus announced in the Arsenal’s e-newsletter, The Island Insight, and other appropriate publications.

Some Consumer Affairs Web Sites are listed here for information and use.