Army Community Service

ACS Center

Building 110, 1st Floor
South East Wing
Phone: (309) 782-0829
DSN Phone: 793-0829
Toll-Free: (877) 882-0523
Fax: (309) 782-0817
DSN Fax: 793-0817
TTY: (309) 782-4239
DSN TTY: 793-4239

Hours of Operation

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM


ACS is a community oriented social service program designed to strengthen family relationships, promote self-reliance, and support military and civilian job performance by providing high quality human services for Families and individuals. Services include: Army Emergency Relief (AER), Employment Resource Center, Exceptional Family Member Program, Family Advocacy Program, Family Assistance, Financial Readiness Center, Installation Volunteer Coordination, New Parent Program, Relocation Assistance, and Survivor Outreach Services.

List of available videos in the ACS Lending Library

Organizations To Provide Speakers

Click the link above for a list of organizations that are available to provide speakers for various occasions.

Central Intake

Central Intake serves as the initial contact for all ACS programs and services to include our Lending Library.  Please see our contact section to make appointments or seek information and referrals.

 What can you expect when you first come in to our ACS Office?

  • An initial interview and assessment of individual and family needs.  This includes filling out a DA Form 5897 and its equivalent electronic form in the Central Tracking System (CTS) for ACS.  The assessment will consist of an accurate understanding of the problem as identified by the client and the staff.
  •  Information giving.  Simple information may be provided depending upon the client’s inquiries or a referral to the Information & Referral Program may be made for more in depth inquiries.
  • Referral(s) may be made depending on the client’s inquires and information.  The referrals may be made to ACS program managers or to outside agencies and organizations.
  • Follow-up.  ACS staff members request the clients’ support in responding to follow-up calls, letters and e-mails regarding service outcomes and quality.  If the client was referred to another agency or organization, the ACS staff may also contact those organizational representatives for outcomes and quality data.

Please help us keep your records accurate and complete.  Let us know of any changes in contact information, military or employment status or changes within the family.

Eligible Clients

Army Community Service Eligible Clients in accordance with AR 608-1:

  • Active Duty Military of all services
  • Military or DoD Civilian Retirees,
  • Current DoD Civilian Employees
  • Reservists and National Guard And their immediate family members and Family Readiness Groups

(Selected prior service personnel with a DD 214 may seek limited assistance on a space – available basis.)

Directions to ACS – RIA

Army Community Service (ACS) of U.S. Army Garrison-Rock Island Arsenal (USAG-RIA) is located on an island between Davenport, Iowa, and Rock Island – Moline, Illinois.

There are three main access points to the installation.

  • The main gate is on the Moline, Illinois, side of the island.  The Moline gate also has the visitors-pass office (and ID Card office).  You can gain access to the Moline Bridge from ramps at either of the following two, Moline street corners:  14th Street and 5th Avenue – or – west of 16th Street on 3rd Avenue (River Drive).
  • The Davenport entrance is located on the corner of 2nd and LeClaire Streets in Davenport, IA. (only at selected times and subject to closures)
  • The Rock Island entrance is located on 24th Street and 1st Avenue in Rock Island, IL. (only at selected times and subject to closures)

Two Lane Traffic Exiting the Arsenal: When exiting the Arsenal during peak periods in the afternoon, beginning at 2:30 p.m., two-lane traffic on Rodman Ave. does not begin until Flagler Ave. Some drivers have been attempting tobegin driving two-lanes westbound starting at Gillespie Ave., creating a hazard to oncoming traffic. POC: Msg. Dale Heiser, Rock Island Arsenal Police Department, (309) 782-2686

 The Arsenal has increased security in light of international events.

  • Military ID Holders:  Persons with appropriate military identification may use any of the three gates.
  • Non – Military ID Holders:   If you are a visitor, please use the Moline gate.  Be prepared time-wise to have your car searched and to be asked to get a visitor’s pass at the designated security building.  The security building is on a road to the right of the main Moline gate.  Follow the signs right into the fenced in area to the second building to get your visitor’s badge.

The Army Community Service (ACS) office.

  • ACS is  located in Building 110, 1st Floor, Southeast Wing (above the Medical Clinic and across from Memorial Park, the old tanks and cannons – the picnic area).
  • Building 110 is located in the south-west corner of Rodman and East Avenues.  Our main entrance is the southern door of East Avenue.


Park in the lot adjacent to and down-hill from Memorial Park.  Walk across the street (East Avenue) and come up the big stone steps.  The glass above the outside doorway reads “110.”  The brown, building sign reads ACS and has our yellow logo.   Once you come through the double-doors to get into the main hallway, proceed straight ahead to the ACS lobby.

Our Handicapped entrance and ramp plus parking are located in the north-west corner of Building 110 along Rodman Avenue.  Once inside the building make a left turn and follow the hallway and signs to ACS.